David Prozorov - Painted Sky

Yuri Avvakumov + Alyona Kirtsova - Scale: Solovki

Yuri Avvakumov + Alyona Kirtsova - Limerick(s)

Alyona Kirtsova + Yuri Palmin - Food

FOOD is a joint project between the artist Alyona Kirtsova and the photographer Yuri Palmin, addressing one of the oldest and most popular themes in the fine arts, which has evolved through history from the Feast of the Gods and the Last Supper to the still lifes of the Dutch School, from ritual to sign, from the general to the particular. Kirtsova and Palmin study Food, it may be said, on the macrobiotic level, approaching the image so close to the spectator that it is perceived as an abstract painting in which the most important aspects are colour, movement and texture. The work of Kirtsova and Palmin reminds all of us, who spend a fifth of our lives in cooking and eating various kinds of food, that food can not simply be measured in calories and portions, that within it there is a hidden artistic quality manifest in the mix of colours, variety of striking textures and movement in the palette range. Divining the associations captured in each work of this series becomes an intriguing game of fantasy landscapes, heavenly dreams, psychedelic day-dreams, and in fact of transformation of dishes made from natural vegetables, fish, rice and so on, cooked by a chef-artist, and served up by a chef-photographer. (Yu. Avvakumov)


Efimov/Kupriyanov/Leontiev/Moukhin/Nesterov/Palmin - Vanishing Points

Denis Letbetter - FlintVille